bride and groom Donnor Lake sunset hugging on dock
Bride and Groom facing each other Sunset between their faces
Bride and Groom touching foreheads sunset behind them
Bride on deck looking over shoulder wedding dress blowing behind her
Bride walking up behind Groom through oversized door black and white
Bride and Groom hugging in front of wooden door
Groom hugging Bride from behind her looking at each other
Groom hugging Bride from behind faces close together
Groom kissing Bride on cheek sunset behind them
Bride and Groom kissing in front of sparkler exit
Bride has arm over Grooms shoulder close up at sunset
Groom standing behind Bride has his arms around her shoulders looking away from camera
Bride and Groom facing each other bride leaning back long veil
Bride and Groom and Officiant in front of round arbor during wedding ceremony
close up of candles and red roses in vase